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Pilot Operated Safety Valve

The SVP-7200 pilot operated pressure relief valves are able to operate at considerably higher set pressure than is possible with spring loaded safety relief valves, the valve operation and lift are unaffected by back-pressure.

The AST pilot operated safety relief valves are designed and manufactured according to 97/23/CE P.E.D. and ASME VIII, API527 requirement. They have passed several laboratories tests to obtain the conformance to the Pressure Equipment Directive, PED 97/23CE, accordingly to the product regulation EN ISO 4126-4 for use with gas, vapour and liquid. Many other homologations and approvals are available like ATEX, GOST R for Russia and others.

Different pilots characteristics are available like pop action or modulating, non- flowing or flowing on dependence of customer needs.

AST provide a wide range of materials, flange styles and options to meet the most demanding pressure relief application.

Orifice Sizes: From “D” to “T” according to API 526; full bore orifices available.

Connections: From NPS ½ x 1 to NPS 8 x 10, also available with double outlet flanges

Inlet flanges ratings: Up to Class 2500

Full nozzle design

– Flanged connections can be manufactured according to a wide range of standards

– Bubble-tight seats near set pressure allow high operating pressure and are not as sensitive to vibrational and pulsating service

– Available with metallic or soft seats

– Vertical pilot mounting ensures consistent set pressure and blow-down as contrasted to erratic, horizontally mounted pilots

– All pressurized parts are hydraulically tested

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