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Easy to use on site

The Retox torch allows all programs, operating modes and the up/down function to be called up at the touch of a button.

Tetrix Drive TIG cold wire alternative to MIG/MAG

Better seam quality and totally spatter-free at a comparable welding speed.RTwo-sided, simultaneous AC welding

Two welders can weld both sides at the same time e.g. on aluminium workpieces with thick panels. Synchronisation is via the mains voltage or the master slave principle!

Alternating current types for every need

Different types of alternating current allow welding properties to be individually selected: sinusoid – for agreeably low-noise jointing; trapezoid – the all-round setting for almost every application; rectangular – for particularly difficult applications

Reliable ignition

AC: Reliable ignition, stable arc because the shape of the spherical cap can be very easily adjusted in line with the tungsten electrode diameter. This reduces DC electrode wear: coordinated welding start parameters for ideal ignition conditions with every application.

Self-explanatory operating concepts for every user

Classic – all parameters at a glance and directly accessible Comfort – 8 predefinable welding tasks for frequently repeated welding operations. Synergic – single-button operation with 256 predefinable welding tasks.

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