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PICO 162. PICO 180. PICO 300 CEL

Antistick weld like a professional

Extremely easy welding: the arc burns steadily without sticking or annealing of the stick electrode.

Arcforce: tuning for all electrodes

Arcforce offers exceptional welding properties with all types of electrodes. No short circuits, even with rutile-cellulose electrodes.

Perfect weld seams even with thick electrodes

Even 4-millimetre electrodes are no problem for the Pico. State-of-the-art inverter technology with superb control dynamics provides a stable arc. This makes even jointing with rutile or rutile-cellulose electrodes that are hard to weld effortless.

Light, transportable and mobile

Easily transportable to any work location. Very small and lightweight in a robust plastic casing, this machine can easily be carried up ladders or over cramped scaffolding.

100% suitable for construction sites

Perfect for large construction sites and very tough assembly work with mains supply leads up to 50 metres or connected directly to a generator. High tolerance to mains fluctuations ensures a perfect welding result.

Reliable, safe, cost-effective

All electronic components are particularly well protected against dust. The temperature-controlled fan prevents unnecessary intake of dirt. An all-round low-maintenance, reliable and therefore cost-effective solution.

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