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Phoenix 351 /401 /451 /551 Progress puls MM FDW

  • Inverter welding machine, DC, pulse, water-cooled
  • Multiprocess: MIG/MAG, TIG lift arc, MMA, air arc gouging
  • Gouging with carbon electrode diameters (551) of up to 10mm
  • With Phoenix Drive 4 HS also suitable for high-speed welding (Phoenix 551 only)
  • Progress: All welding parameters and functions are set and displayed on the wire feeder, oneknob operation (Synergic) – easy setting of operating point, pre-programmed JOBs (welding tasks), selection via JOB list
  • Very high power reserves enable use of long intermediate hose packages: 0 mm˛ up to 30m 95 mm˛ up to 40 m
  • (Here Is The Product's Brochure Pdf File.)