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The Aristo® U82 control panel is used in combination with Aristo Feed 3004 and 4804 to set and adjust welding parameters. The U82 is developed to meet the most demanding requirements yet is designed to be simple and easy to use. The system allows you to perform Pulsed or Non pulsed welding with solid or flux cored wire on mild/carbon steel as well as on Stainless. Using solid wire, you can also achieve optimal results in aluminum.

For additional information on controls and functions see separate ESAB Tech Tips, a quick guide on the Aristo U82 control panel.

  • Multilingual, menu available in 18 languages
  • Knobs for quick setting of wire-feed speed and voltage
  • USB connectivity for storing weld data
  • Qset for optimum short arc setting
  • Standard package synergic lines (92)

Operating Temp-10 - +40 °C

(Here Is The Product's Brochure Pdf File.)