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The turbo blender consists of a casing, cover, stuffing box and a special impeller which is mounted 
vertically. The suction side has a double-wall pipe that keeps the inlet of solids separate from that of 
liquids, thus avoiding the formation of lumps before the mix enters into the casing. The liquid enters the 
mixing chamber at a high speed, thereby creating a vacuum at the centre of the impeller, which causes 
the suction of the solid ingredients. The fall of the solids ingredients for mixing can be regulated b

means of a manual butterfly valve fitted at the bottom of the hopper.

mixtures in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and allied industries. 

IDMC make turbo blender is used in the processing industry for mixing solid ingredients in liquids. It is 

useful for reconstituting milk with powder, making syrups, etc. It can also be used to prepare solid-liquid 

-   Special impeller which creates suction for solids to flow and subsequent mixing. 
-   Sturdy design with base frame.
-   Mirror finished hopper for easy flow of solid material. 
-   Complete mixing of the material.
-   Cleaning can be done without disassembling the unit. 
-   Sanitary design.


Parts in contact with the product      :  AISI 304 / AISI 316L (As per requirement)

Type of seal :  Internal single seal (Standard  

 Rotary and stationary parts material            :  SIC and SIC (Standard

Gaskets in contact with fluid :  EPDM (Standard)

Mechanical seal

(Here Is The Product's Brochure Pdf File.)