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Side Entry Agitator

IDMC's ISHA Series agitator provides homogeneous mixing of products in tanks/silos. Hydrofoil impeller provides high 
mixing efficiency with lower power consumption. Hydrofoil impeller produces pumping effect which results into upward and 
downward circulation of liquid in the silo/tank.
ISHA Series agitator equipped with qualitative mechanical seal, is driven through VFD suitable geared motor at low rpm and 

high torque.

ranging from 20 KL to 150 KL for efficient mixing of product. 

ISHA Series agitators are designed for use in the dairy and food industry mainly for storage tank and silo having capacity 

Hygienic design.
Smooth & homogeneous mixing of products.
Reliable, durable and efficient performance.
Low maintenance & ease in assembly.
Lower power consumption.
Easily replaceable with our earlier AG Series agitator

Material of construction: AISI 304 (AISI 316L optional).
Geared motor: Heli-bevel parallel type with hollow shaft.
Mechanical seal: Single internal balanced bi-directional.
Mounting on tank/silo side wall between 0 to 45 degree downward

(Here Is The Product's Brochure Pdf File.)