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A low-cost and reliable product for continuous operation plants.
   Valve with Tri-Clamp (TC) type design for ease of maintenance.
   Designed for direct welding to sanitary piping systems.
Designed for smooth passage of the product with minimum pressure drop across the valve.
   Hygienic design suitable for Cleaning-In-Place (CIP).
   Low opening pressure to maintain flow through the valve without obstruction.

   Robustly designed valve body.

   It is used to prevent reverse flow in sanitary piping systems. 

IDMC Non Return Valves are used in sanitary pipeline in dairy, food, beverages and pharmaceutical industry.

 Non Return Valve opens when the liquid flow pressure below the valve disc exceeds force of the spring on the valve plug.
•   The valve closes when pressure equalization is achieved on reverse flow.

(Here Is The Product's Brochure Pdf File.)