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Steam Water Mixing Battery (SWB-IA Series)

The battery comprises of mixing valve with spring and a piston, which moves to the left to open the steam inlet valve. Holes on piston are exposed to allow water to enter the mixing chamber and mix with the steam. If at any time the water pressure fails or the outlet is closed, steam pressure causes the piston to move to the right and the steam inlet valves closes. Non return valves are fitted in the inlet connections to prevent water entering the steam supply, and vice versa. A minimum water supply pressure of 2 bar is required to give a reasonable hot water spray velocity at the outlet of spray gun. Steam pressure should always be greater than the water pressure by minimum 1 bar.

Steam water mixing batteries are safe, cost effective, quiet in operation and easy to install. The battery produces instant hot water economically and effectively. Steam water battery has less moving parts and no electrical connections, needs only to be connected to steam and water supply. All parts of the mixing chamber are made from stainless steel AISI 304. The mixing chamber is fitted with a fail-safe device to ensure that live steam is not ejected from the battery. The temperature of water at the outlet of the mixer is easily controlled by using water and steam valves. A temperature gauge is provided to monitor the hot water outlet temperature. Insulated spray gun is provided for safe operation. 

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