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Weld Arc Engineers is supplying this Pneumatic seat valve to various Dairy and Pharma industry. 

IDMC pneumatic seat valves are used for flow control to shut-off and/or divert fluid in pipe line. These valves have benefits over other types of shut-off valves because of less product wetted sealing surface, no rotating parts and reliable sealing when valve is closed. Valve separates connected pipe lines as a result of which there is an increased productivity for the required operation. The valve controlled by PLC/SCADA systems. Valves are made of AISI 316L and AISI 304 material. Valves fulfill all hygenic requirements to handle the product safety. Valve bdy has self- draining feature with a spherical shape enabling minimum resistance to flow. The flange vavle body is rugged in design to bear the stressed against shock loads. Diversion valve available witj various orientations.


Pressure handling capacity available up to 10 bar 

Direct/control the flow of product

Dairy, food, brewery, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and mineral water


Temperature requirement up to 121"C with

Cost effective

Quick delivery

Modular design

Easily maintainable, long service support for spare availability

Available in normally closed (NC) and normally opened (NO) configuration

Long seal life available with EPDM at product contact area

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