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DEPA DH Next Generation Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

The flexible, multiport manifold can be customized to plant specifications and provides up to 25 connection options to accommodate various operational requirements.

DEPA DH® pumps feature cast feet integrated in the center block housing that enable maintenance in place (MIP). This unique design can reduce downtime by up to 25%* and optimizes assembly and disassembly through a 30%* reduction in required parts. Rubber feet can be easily mounted with a slotted locating hole in the center block housing.

An innovative flange design with “block-mounted” pump- and air chambers provides a safe and well-defined diaphragm clamping mechanism. The diaphragm is fixed to specifications to provide consistent lifetime wear and tear and eliminate overstretching of the pump.

Our high-efficiency flow design with Free Flow Path technology reduces unused volume with an optimized chamber for specific diaphragm design and dimensions. This technology can increase the scope of applications, accommodate particle sizes up to 25mm, and reduce the total cost of ownership through enhanced efficiency of up to 37%*.

Pumps can be supplied with our DEPA® AirSave-System, which offers low start-up pressure and a diaphragm leakage monitoring system and stroke counter sensor.

Main applications: Mechanical Engineering, Ceramics and Paint Industries, Automotive.

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