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Saunders Actuator S360

The Saunders® S360 piston actuator permits remote operation of the valve, either as an alternative to manual operation or as an integral part of a control system. The S360 is a compact, lightweight, piston-type pneumatic actuator which has been developed to deliver superior performance for sterile BioPharm applications.

The Saunders® S360 housing is manufactured from polished 316 Stainless Steel producing a robust design, a clean OD profile and an attractive appearance. It can withstand typical industry wash down regimes.

The S360 is a piston-type actuator that provides reliable performance, high cycle life, lower air consumption and more compact design versus diaphragm type actuators.

The modular design offers two different spring- to-close versions; the S360 Lite with compact, lightweight design for typical applications and the S360 Power for maximum high pressure duty or for severe closure applications.

The S360 range also includes normally open, double acting, and options for limiting travel and direct switch mount variations. All models have a bright yellow visual indicator as standard.

  • Modular range delivers compact dimensional envelope to reduce dead-leg between associated valves and optimizes system design.
  • Maintenance free piston technology provides powerful closure performance.
  • Smooth corrosion resistant profile optimizes cleanability.

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