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Saunders PTFE Diaphragms

Saunders® Life Science PTFE are robust two piece leaf type. The design incorporates a virgin PTFE wetted face backed with a fabric reinforced support diaphragm.


Saunders has front to back ownership of all phases of diaphragm development and manufacture. This includes the sintering and coining of PTFE diaphragms as well as the compounding, calendering and compression moulding of the elastomer support diaphragm.


100% virgin PTFE product contact face has excellent anti aging properties and chemical resistance and is suitable for extended contact with high purity water and other bioprocess fluids.


PTFE diaphragms utilise a bayonet style attachment to minimise any possibility of point loading and facilitate ease of installation and maintenance.


PTFE face is dependent on the support and resiliency of the elastomer backing cushion. Continuous in-house innovation and development of dedicated compounds has enabled Saunders to minimise the effects of mechanical stress and provide structural support in higher temperature environments.


All Saunders PTFE diaphragms are supplied with industry leading fabric reinforced elastomer backing support to provide support and optimum mechanical strength to the diaphragm.


Companion mechanical components such as compressor, compressor stud and weir profile are engineered to minimse stresses and support the diaphragm. Only genuine Saunders diaphragms should be used
Optimum selection can be determined according to specific operating/sterilisation temperature, chemical characteristics of the line media and desired changeout protocol.

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