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Saunders TFM Diaphragms

Saunders® Life Science Modified PTFE (TFM) 214S diaphragms are robust two piece leaf type. The design incorporates a TFM wetted face backed with a fabric reinforced support diaphragm.


Saunders® has front to back ownership of all phases of diaphragm development and manufacture. This includes the sintering and coining of TFM diaphragms as well as the compounding, calendering and compression moulding of the elastomer support diaphragm.


Saunders® 214S grade TFM diaphragms are manufactured from ultra high pure quality PTFE resin which is ideally suited to demanding bioprocess applications.


Saunders® 214S Grade TFM diaphragms offer improved resistance to creep and deformation typically associated with frequent exposure to intermittent steam sterilisation and vacuum. This is attributed to optimum particle distribution in the region of amorphous-crystalline polymer structure. As a consequence, the performance life of the diaphragm is extended, resulting in less frequent diaphragm change-out, higher production efficiency and TOC (Total Cost of Ownership) savings.


Saunders® 214S TFM diaphragms utilise a bayonet style attachment to minimise any possibility of point loading and facilitate ease of installation and maintenance.

  • Significant reduction in creep and deformation under aggressive sterilisation regimes
  • Increased flow capacity over lifetime of diaphragm
  • Increased resistance to permeation compared with standard PTFE
  • Full global compliance and testing to FDA, USP Class VI and BSE/TSE
  • Full batch traceability provides maximum security, reliability and repeatable performance
  • Fabric reinforced backing support cushions available in EPDM, EPM or Butyl according to customer specification

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