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Graphite sheet (UKL GSL)

UKL flexible graphite sheets can also be supplied with reinforcing materials to increase the tensile strength, load bearing capacity and improve handling characteristics.

Laminated graphite sheet materials such as UKL GSL are often used as a replacement for asbestos-based materials owing to their excellent chemical resistance, temperature and thermal capability.

Reinforced Graphite sheets (UKL GSL) – A Multi-layered graphite sealing sheet with high strength made of 0.5 mm thickness layers of high purity graphite foil and stainless steel foil of 0.05 mm or 0.1mm thickness. UKL GSL has an excellent

Chemical resistance & Thermal properties. It is extensively used in Petrochemical, Steel, Chemical and Automobile industries for various applications.

UKL Graphite sheets with plain stainless steel (SS316L) foil insert sizes available are 1Mx1M & 1.5Mx1.5M maximum up to 3mm thickness.

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