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Jointing sheet (CAF)

Klinger gasket sheets are   manufactured as per IS2712:1998.

Klinger Top grade sheets are manufactured with 3XA features.

What is 3XA?

Anti Stick This eliminates the need of applying grease to flange surface. Results in faster and safer flange cleaning. Ensures better sealing with replacement Gasket.

Anti Corrosion This finish reduces the amount of leachable chlorides at the contact with flange thus reducing the corrosive effect of Flange material.

Asbestos Free Surface This property confirms complete Asbestos free surface without changing any Chemical and Physical properties of Gasket.

Sheets are manufactured in Metallic & Non-Metallic to cover maximum pressure up to 200bar & temperature up to 550 degree C.

Sheets size available: 1.5mx2m, 1.5m x4m ,1.5mx6m

Thickness available: 0.5mm to 6mm thickness.

  • UKL has been approved by BIS to manufacture all grades of sheets with ISI Mark.
  • Klinger gaskets are designed for 0.25ml/minute leak rates against 3ml/min allowable leak rate as per DIN3535/6.

(Here Is The Product's Brochure Pdf File.)