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Pressure Reducing Station

Steam should be distributed at high pressure as it has low volume and impacts the inventory and its cost. At the same time it should be used at low pressure, as it has high latent heat at low pressure .Thus the function of lowering the pressure at the point of use is done by the PRS [Pressure Reducing Station]

This is done by a number of individual components arranged in a modular form called as a station.

Return On Investment

All the components, Valves, Separators, Trap modules, piping elements etc are manufactured by UKL and provided as a complete PRS, to give optimum results for effective steam utilization.

The UKL Pressure Reducing Station is optimally sized to ensure a balanced techno-economic design. Use of Klinger Piston Valves for isolation, will eliminate valve passing & leaking problems. Available with self actuated PRV as well as with externally Pneumatic Control valves.

Sizes range from 15 mm to 200 mm.

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