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High Pressure Thermodynamic Steam Trap Compact Module

The function of any Steam Trap is to discharge condensate and trap live steam. Therefore in any plant, a Trap is always accompanied by a Isolation valve for isolation to maintain/repair the trap and a Bypass valve to let out the condensate uninterrupted while the trap is being maintained. This was available in the form of a Trap Module, involving pipes, valves, traps and flanges etc. This entailed adequate inventory carrying, fabrication facilities, testing facilities to check the integrity of the assembly. Not to speak of the time factor.

All these time consuming activities can be eliminated by incorporating these features in a compact forged Unit, as a Uni Klinger High Pressure Thermodynamic Steam Trap Compact Module [UTD120CM].

This unit offers a compact solution, with inbuilt Globe Valves & Steam Trap, replacing the conventional complex Trap Module.

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