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Bimetallic Thermostatic Steam Trap

These traps prevents excessive heat loss as it is filled with sub-cooled condensate as against the heat loss incurred in Thermodynamic and Ball Float Traps that are filled with Steam/Condensate at saturated temperatures.

The UKL Bi Thermostatic Bi Metallic Traps are available in pressures from 25,45, 110 and 215 Bars

Depending on the pressure and temperature conditions, the available models are: T25, T25 Ti, G25, G25 Ti, P45 Ti, G45 Ti, P110 Ti y P215 Ti.

The Smartwatch web attachment on the traps enables 24 x 7 monitoring of the Trap performance, Displaying performance in Real-time, showing Energy losses and Carbon emissions and carrying out continuous Audit and indicating potential savings of valuable resources.

  • Optimum energy efficiency
  • External adjustment mechanism while in service
  • Possibility of repair while in operation
  • Very long Life: Three times the life of the conventional Thermostatic Trap
  • High reliability and versatility, Robust construction
  • Resistance to water hammering, corrosive condensate, Freezing

(Here Is The Product's Brochure Pdf File.)